Manifesto Hydra - Foto 1

HYDRA Street-Philosophy originates from the need to shout at everyone that the world belongs to those who are capable of taking it.

The philosopher asks himself questions and reflects on the world. Investigate the meaning of human existence. In the 21st century, the Street-Philosopher mixes up the philosophy with the mindset of one who thinks, fights and reacts to the life's adversities.

He is determined, he is stubborn, he needs to go beyond his limits. His own absolute determination and sense of revenge will lead him to achieve extraordinary goals.

Street philosopher is not interested in artificial things created by pseudo-characters that are told to us on social networks. He is pure, loyal, cosmopolitan, he is an idealist.

Hydra, our creative container, has the duty to tell the new philosophers of the 21st century.

We want to tell the experience of those who fought and emerged, who never gave up and reached their goal without distorting what they have always been by not compromising.

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Street Philosopher is the fighter who trains 7 days a week, 5 hours a day, 365 days a year. He falls, but he always gets back up;

Street Philosopher is a street-artist who donates his art to the world;

Street Philosopher is the one who produce a rhyme for his people;

Street Philosopher is the one who got it wrong. It's who paid for their choices.

Street Philosopher has a strong sense of belonging to his home town and his neighborhood. They are the school of life that teaches the value of friendship, respect, sacrifice, sweat and profit.

Street Philosopher is a citizen of the world, but he loves his country and his origins.

The Street Philosopher looks like Lerna's Hydra: every time its head is cut off, the hydra responds by creating two new ones; The Street Philosophy mentality was born on the street that is a laboratory of ideas and freedom of thought.

We want to fuel this fire.

This is us.
This is Hydra.
This is our philosophy.